Enough with the “LeBron legacy” or “who’s better” talk…….

The fact that I’m about to stand up for LeBron James should be enough to get your attention! 18 year old Steve would be so disappointed, but as we get older we learn to appreciate things more.

I’ve simply had enough of hearing about how every single shot the man takes or doesn’t take is going to impact his legacy……. it doesn’t really matter. The dude is averaging a triple double so far in these 2017 NBA Finals against arguably one of the best teams assembled (I don’t want to have that conversation right now either, obviously my 3 on 3 Gus Macker team is better than either of these teams in the finals).

Screenshot (2)

He’s averaging a damn triple double against a team that won 73 games last year and all they did to improve was trade Harrison Barnes for Kevin Durant.


What LeBron is doing in nuts. Is he Jordan? I don’t know. I grew up on Jordan, I’m probably incredibly biased, but at the end of the day, who cares?? They played in different eras. Let’s just all sit back and watch two fantastic basketball teams square off tonight.

Between Lebron averaging a triple double and 4 guys in this series (Curry, KD, Lebron, and Irving) averaging 25+ points per game (which has never been done), there’s a lot to watch.

Am I going to give a prediction on tonight’s game? No. Take a look at my track record on march madness predictions over the last few years and you’ll see my predictions would be a waste of time.

For tonight I simply suggest getting your popcorn ready, taking a seat, and enjoy watching some splendid basketball. I know I’m going to.








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