My grade for the Dwight Howard trade and why I like the move

As basically anybody who slightly follows the NBA already knows, the Charlotte Hornets traded for Dwight Howard on Tuesday.


I might be in the minority here, but I’ll go ahead and say it, I’m very excited about this move!

Here’s a breakdown all of the personnel and picks associated with the trade along with their respective salaries:

Hornets Receive:

Dwight Howard (Center) $23.5mil/year, under contract through 2018-2019

31st pick in tomorrow night’s draft

Hawks Receive:

Miles Plumlee (F/C) $12.4mil/year, under contract through 2019-2020

Marco Belinelli (Guard) due $6.6mil this upcoming year and then becomes a free agent

41st pick in tomorrow night’s draft


In a nutshell, the Hornets gave up a 30 year old “3 point shooting specialist” that has averaged 9 PPG over his career while shooting 37% from downtown and a 28 year old big man that has only played in over 70 games twice in his 5 year career while proving nothing to anyone, hence the reason why this will be his 5th team already in his 6th year in the league. At least it has taken ol’ Dwight until his 14th season in the league to join his 5th team. So, they give those 2 guys up for Dwight and get to move up 10 spots in the 2nd round of the draft? If this was 2010 and you told me this, I’d lose my damn mind. Are you kidding me?? That’d be one of the most lopsided trades I’ve ever heard of!

Unfortunately it’s 2017 and a lot of things can change over the course of 7 years. Shit, just ask Tiger Woods how badly trains can derail over the course of 84 months.

With all that being said I still think Howard has some great basketball left in the tank and I think between Coach Clifford and MJ (if he comes around the players a bit more) they can get him back to playing at a very high level and maybe even back to all star material. I certainly hope so, but either way, this trade still makes sense. The Hornets are sending away a combined 12.9 PPG, 5.6 RPG, and .4 BPG while receiving a big man that can still be a force in the paint by bringing you 13.7 PPG (which was the lowest since his rookie year, so I see this going up a bit) 12.7 RPG (his most since his Orlando Magic days) and 1.2 BPG all while shooting 63.3% from the field. Plus, his salary is only $5mil more than what was invested into Plumlee and Belinelli. Not to mention, Howard should be an excellent piece in the pick n’ roll with Kemba Walker, I for one am very excited for the 2017-2018 Hornets season.

Overall, I give this trade a solid B with hopes of it turning it out as an A. I’m a bit concerned as to what kind of baggage that Dwight might be carrying seeing as Atlanta was willing to unload him for a warm beer and 3 bagel bites, but only time will tell!




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